We have a setup of upto 50 seater. Current projects are majority on payroll processing and Sales activities

Sales Operations and after Sales Support

Order processing, billing and after sales support are some of the current processes handled by us.


Complete payroll processing with accuracy is managed by this division. We wish to expand this division with good projects.

Our Strengths:

  1. Qualified staff per the process need
  2. Experienced leaders to manage and handle the projects
  3. Consistency and quality work
  4. Request Proposal

Clients Speak

  • "As start up, It's like long time battle for finding the skill sets, cultural fit, and the start-up mentality in one package when it come to recruiting. Especially in ever increasing market competition with your products or services so also on recruiting to form your team. Start-ups can sometimes get locked into the idea that they need the golden child of the industry yet certain level of realism in seeking out talent is important. Thats were praataH came in picture to help.
    1. praataH effectively understood & identified the need that best fits.
    2. praataH folks, went way out and conducted rigorous screening procedures, in some cases even did designing & defining innovative approaches for initial screening.
    3. A win-win vis-a-vis requirement for skills & adaptability to start up in functional & financial fit where praataH's role was significant."

    - Amol (Co-founder ESC-India)

  • Human Resource are the most valuable resource in the service industry. When it comes to hiring, its about selecting the right candidate that has the right attitude and values. Praatah team makes sure a suitable candidate is placed understanding our specified and unspecified requirement. It has been helping us not only in hiring but also managing HR activities.

    - Girish Lakhotiya ( Director, Acclivus Advisors)

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